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Accountability & Leadership

In our learning capsules, internationally-recognised experts cover a range of evidence-based topics that help leaders and managers achieve high performance while taking care of people and the planet.

This capsule is about accountability. When applied to both desired and undesired actions, accountability enables people to learn and grow, and demonstrates the required behaviour to the rest of the group. This is an essential component of sustainable leadership.


Your presenter for this capsule is Dr Harry Bergsteiner

Dr Harry is a world leading expert on accountability, having written the definitive book on the subject: Accountability Theory Meets Accountability Practice.  He has extensive experience in teaching corporate executives and MBA students at top tier business schools around the world, including Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Shanghai Normal University, and Mahidol and NIDA Universities in Thailand.

This global teaching experience along with wide-ranging consulting for small, medium and large organisations, means that Dr Harry’s course material is founded on real-life cases and is optimally suited to the needs of all managers, whatever their business sector or country of operation.

Dr Harry specialises in clarifying complex topics like leadership and accountability with graphical models. He provides valuable tools to assist managers in making appropriate decisions in how to hold people to account for their actions in different situations.

Who is this capsule for?

This capsule is perfect for all managers because accountability provides the glue that keeps teams and whole societies together. Both new and more experienced leaders neeed skills in accountability to maximise team and individual performance.

You can start applying the learnings from this practical capsule from day one.


Accountability varies with leadership culture

Holding people to account improves team performance

This capsule clearly explains the relationship between accountability expectations, the prevailing leadership culture, and performance at a given level of leadership (and followership) in a team.

Four factors help us understand the link between
leadership culture, performance and accountability:
1) leadership levels (macro-level micro-level)
2) why accountability is being applied in a situation (ie to motivate or sanction)
3) where the control lies (in others or in oneself), and
4) whether the leadership culture is based on compliance or vision-directed behaviour.

Benefits to you

After completing this capsule, you’ll be equipped to:

* develop an accountability system that works for your team based on the above four factors

* link accountability mechanisms clearly to the leadership culture

* use accountability actions to help develop your staff

* know when punishment is appropriate.

Understanding how accountability works will enable you to enhance morale and motivation, which leads to higher productivity making excellent business sense.

Course details

This capsule consists of

a video outlining the topic

an activity to help you learn

Powerpoint slides to aid understanding

a quiz to reinforce your learning


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