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Advanced Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable Leadership: Good for business, people and our planet

Sustainable Leadership is proven to drive high performance by addressing the interests of all stakeholders, including society and the environment; by fostering employees and a supportive organisational culture; and by ensuring good governance, a long-term perspective and high ethical standards.

The Advanced Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership course enables you to become a licensed practitioner and advisor in Sustainable Leadership. Advanced Practitioners apply our assessment tools to their own or other organisations, building on the learnings from the Foundations in Sustainable Leadership and the Senior Practitioner course. 

This course is presented by Dr Gayle Avery and Dr Harry Bergsteiner, co-founders of the Institute for Sustainable Leadership, using evidence-based material that they and other leading researchers have gathered over two decades. 


We ask you to apply to join the Advanced
Practitioner course to ensure that only people with the right experience, intentions and values become licensed with us.


After you successfully complete this course you are eligible for a practitioner’s license in Sustainable Leadership.

Help your company and others achieve high performance using Sustainable Leadership 

This course focuses on the practical side of the evidence-based Sustainable Leadership practices, and prepares you to apply them across your own organisation or by advising others.

You know by now that each of the 23 Sustainable Leadership practices demonstrably enhances the performance of a firm, whether for profit, non profit or government-owned.

Course details

3 modules + 1 licensing quiz

Supplementary learning materials

Case studies and activities show applications to a range of situations

Work at your own pace online

Use our tools to assess your own client

Multiple live online sessions with experts supplement your learning

Estimated time required: 80 hours

Learning modules

1. Orientation. This module introduces the course and the learning resources.

2. Applying the tools.  Learn how our advanced Sustainable Leadership tools assess each of the 23 Sustainable Leadership practices. Begin working with the tools by applying them to a living Case Study organisation.

3. Working with a client.  Here you apply the advanced tools and frameworks to your own client. In a series of online meetings with your facilitators and classmates you can share your progress, experiences and findings. You will be asked to present your final report to the class before sharing the results with the client.

4. Licensed practitioner assessment. Your client report and diary records form part of the assessment for licensing as an Advanced Practitioner, along with an online quiz. (The first year’s licensing fee is included in the course fee.)

Combine great business outcomes with sustainable practices that are good for society and the environment as well as for investors!

Course fee: $4990

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