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Choosing your leadership

Our short capsule courses enable you to become proficient in a many aspects of leadership and management quickly under the guidance of leading experts.

This capsule is about the leadership culture in your workplace, and the importance of matching the culture to the people, systems and processes operating there.

Your presenter for this capsule is Dr Gayle Avery

Dr Gayle Avery is a renowned leadership expert who, during her three decades as university professor, has taught leadership to executives and MBA students in top tier business schools around the world.

Her wealth of global teaching experience in designing and delivering executive education courses, along with her wide ranging consulting work with large, medium and small businesses, means that Dr Gayle’s course material is founded on real-life circumstances and is optimally suited to the needs of all managers whatever their business sector or country of operation.

Who is this capsule for?

This learning capsule about leadership culture is perfect for new managers as well as for more experienced leaders wanting to refresh their skills to maximise team and individual performance.

You can start applying the learnings from this practical capsule from day one.



Get the leadership culture right and increase the resilience and performance of your team

This capsule focuses on creating the right leadership culture, which is the basis of sustainable leadership. Four kinds of leadership cultures, known as leadership paradigms, are widely recognised around the world.

This capsule is in two parts. In the first part, we cover the three most common leadership cultures.  The second part is about organic or distributed leadership, which is becoming more common in our fragmented and virtual world, where many people are working from home.

Benefits to you

After completing this capsule, you’ll understand:

* the importance of aligning leaders, employees and the
organisation’s strategy, systems and processes when choosing the leadership culture for your team

* how to steer your people towards more sustainable practices

* that getting the leadership culture right enhances motivation, employee well-being, and productivity

* why the right leadership culture makes excellent business sense.

Course details

This capsule consists of

2 short videos that include live interaction with current managers as they discuss different leadership paradigms

2 short videos from practitioners

an activity to help you learn

supplementary materials to aid understanding

a quiz to reinforce your learning

How does it work?

Work at your own pace online

Estimated time required: 1 hour

You have 6 months to complete the course unless otherwise arranged

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