Sustainable Leadership in Action – 1-Day Study Tours


Life-changing experiences for leaders and change-makers wanting to take their organisation to the next level.

We are pleased to present this unique program focused on meetings with senior executives practising Sustainable Leadership at successful global companies. To kick off 2024, we focus on the APAC subsidiaries of: Insight and Ardex.

Each study tour offers 8-10 hours of powerful learning and networking. You will witness first-hand how proven Sustainable “Honeybee” Leadership practices translate into high performing businesses that also care for society and the environment.

Meet Sustainable Leadership champions in organisations that have been operating on Sustainable Leadership principles for many decades. 

Develop invaluable relationships and extensive networks among both tour participants and hosts.

Our expert tour facilitators bring decades of experience:

Dr Gayle Avery & Dr Harry Bergsteiner have been leading international study tours since 1999, taking groups of Australian, New Zealand and Asian managers to meet with executives from best practice organisations in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Ms Maria Lorenzo has extensive experience in organising and leading study tours to the USA and Spain.