Module LP7: Licensed Practitioner process


Now that you have completed the formal sessions, you are eligible to apply for licensing as an Advanced Practitioner in Sustainable Leadership.

The licensing process covers several major components:

  1. Your client case study report is a major piece of work contributing to the licensing process. This report should be of high quality (“honeybee” standard) in content, interpretation, language and overall presentation.
  2. Presentation of the report to the class as practice for delivering to the client
  3. A summary of the reflection log you’ve kept throughout at least Modules 5 and 6 explaining what you have learnt and other insights you have gained, as well as some of the challenges you have encountered.
  4. A report on the presentation to the client with your learnings from that experience.

After you successfully complete this course, you will receive a license in Sustainable Leadership, virtual Badge and access to ISL tools and resources for consulting purposes.

Meet the Trainer

Gayle Avery