The study tour experience is impactful as you learn about best practice in successful organisations, their culture and the people practices that drive innovation, development and sustainability.

Jackie Choi, Former APAC HR Director, Medtronic

It’s hard to put a price on the chance to spend a full day with the most senior executives of global organisations like Allianz and IBM. Perhaps of even greater value though was the chance to learn from the people who work on the floor in organisations like BMW and Aesculap, and to see how some of the world’s most progressive strategic leadership concepts are actually understood, embraced and implemented by the employees who work for them. Studying the companies in preparation for the tour, then being immersed in the experience for an intensive two weeks has changed my understanding of the real meaning of sustainable leadership.

Michael Morgan, Senior Vice President & Managing Director APAC, Insight

The European Study Tour gave me the opportunity to meet face to face with directors from many of Europe’s most successful organisations, all of whom were very open to discussing their sustainability practices and strategy. The tour was hard work, but fun, well organised and gave us an insight into business practices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland –an amazing cultural experience.

Roger Woodend, Vice President Sales, BT

The Leadership study tour has given me a unique opportunity to analyse, visit and interact with overseas companies, who are leaders within their business fields and surrounding community.  These companies demonstrated successful business achievements gained through a longer-term business focus and by utilising their resources in a more balanced way than the shorter-term business view environment we current operate in.

Nicole Pearce, Clinical Services Operations Manager – Genomics, NSW Health

I would recommend this tour to leaders who are looking to make long-term, positive influence in and on their organisation. I would also recommend this to C level executives, looking for ways to impact their business beyond the next reporting cycle and develop an edge that is difficult to replicate without the right knowledge.

Matthew Ball, Former Vice President Small & Medium Business, Optus

It was enlightening to understand and appreciate the alternative perspective of sustainably-led companies versus the Anglo/US style we are all generally familiar with. To witness this business philosophy as it is implemented and espoused in these European companies was testament to the fact that we often have blinkered vision as to the view of the world we work in.

Greg Byrne, APAC Data Centre Network Build Manager, Amazon Web Services

We delved into some of the most cutting-edge organisations in Europe and we were met in return by some of the most senior managers available who were hungry for our perspectives and questions concerning their business.

Jim Garraway, Supply Chain Manager, Rexel

The tour challenged my thinking which was in the stream of conventional business models… If you feel curious about an alternative business model that offers long term insights of economic performance, social responsibility and environmental friendliness, this study tour might be for you.

Roger Lemus, Supply Services Director, ANZ Health

The new revelation for me was to see first hand how these corporations can simultaneously address the social and environmental issues and achieve profitability in the long run. They have used these issues to strategically innovate across the board in their business operations. What is inspiring for me is to see companies not giving in to short terms demands of the financial markets but be steadfast in practising sustainable leadership.

Shehan Silva, Director Finance, Australian Department of Defence

“It was great to see companies focus on sustainable growth and employees.”

Ling Wong, Private investor

The practices observed were often quite astounding for people from predominantly shareholder driven Australian companies. The tour is exceptionally well organised: Gayle and Harry go to great lengths to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Tracy Morgan, Managing Director, Morstone Management Solutions

Your leadership teachings have helped me enormously as I have taken on the role for the past three years as President of our NFP St Helens Online Access Centre Association.

Rosina Gallace, President, St Helens Online Access Centre Association

The study tour was a pioneering experience in learning how reputable companies manage and the benefits they reap for the long term for their organisations and their stakeholders.

Cindy Chung, Commonwealth Bank

[The study tour] provided insights to enable me to critically analyse my employer at the time and identify where the learnings from the tour could be applied for improvements.

Louise Hands, Program Change Manager, Toyota Finance, Australia

[The study tour] provided insights to enable me to critically analyse my employer at the time and identify where the learnings from the tour could be applied for improvements but also helped me recognise that I was in fact working in a honeybee organisation, where leaders exhibited the right behaviours and practices.