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Foundations in Sustainable Leadership Course

This course provides you with a practical understanding of Sustainable Leadership, an evidence-based approach that creates high performance while caring for society and the planet.

Those who complete the Foundations course will be able to diagnose and improve leadership issues within their own team. We show you how to assess leadership in a wide range of organisations.

Estimated course completion: 40 hours.

The Foundations course covers 6 modules that you can take at your own pace, with optional regular online meetings with facilitators and other participants:

1. Orientation: a short segment that introduces the course and how to get the most out of it.

2. What is leadership?: explains the complexity of leadership, followership and leadership systems.

3. Leadership culture: shows the importance of different leadership paradigms in creating positive cultures.

4. What is Sustainable Leadership?: discusses how to create high performing and resilient organisations.

5. Special topics: covers current issues in leadership that will help organisations become more sustainable, such as sharing a purpose and pursuing the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

6. Certification test: this module contains an online test covering all the material in the course.

When you successfully complete the test in Module 6, you will receive a Certificate in Sustainable Leadership.

Additionally, when you enrol you have access to our Members’ Area for a year. This section within the virtual classroom platform provides you with curated audiovisual resources and studies on Sustainable Leadership.