Is your organisation sustainable?

Sustainable Leadership Survey

Sustainable Leadership: Good for business, people and our planet

The Sustainable Leadership Survey reveals how different stakeholders across your organisation rate 23 leadership practices proven to drive high performance and resilience.

Identify improvements and adopt targeted initiatives using this in-depth profile to avoid wasting human and financial resources.

Designed by experts

The survey has been expertly designed by Professor Dr Gayle Avery and Dr Harry Bergsteiner, co-founders of the Institute for Sustainable Leadership, using evidence-based material that they and other leading researchers have gathered from around the world over two decades. 

Get your organisation’s profile

Results from the survey are displayed in your Sustainable Leadership Profile, developed by Dr Harry Bergsteiner, showing how each stakeholder group assesses the organisation on each practice. 

Sustainable leadership practices are good for society and the environment as well as for investors!

Extract from a Sustainable Leadership Profile

How sustainable is your leadership? 

Find out how your top team, middle managers, employees and others experience the Sustainable Leadership practices operating in the workplace.

Who is the survey designed for?

Organisations, departments or teams with more than 10 members, from any sector.

This includes:

 * Companies

 * Non-profits

 * Social enterprises

 * Associations

 * Government departments and entities.

Who should complete the survey?

Up to 3 different stakeholder groups at a time.

How long does it take?

20-25 minutes.

How soon can I have the results?

Your Sustainable Leadership Profile is available within 7 working days after everyone has completed the questionnaire.

How many people can take the survey?

Up to 2000 employees can respond to any one survey.

Which languages are available?

The survey is currently available in English.

What about confidentiality?

Protecting respondent confidentiality is important to us, which is why 10 respondents is set as the minimum.

Do you provide support to understand the Sustainable Leadership profile?

Yes. The survey price includes a 90 minute debriefing session with one of our Advanced Practitioners.

How can I find out more about what is involved?  

Contact us!

Let’s discuss how this in-depth survey can help you achieve high performance, while caring for society and the planet.

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