Sustainable Leadership in Brief

Sustainable Leadership: Good for business, people and the planet

Global leadership expert, Dr Gayle Avery, takes you on a journey into rethinking leadership around 23 evidence-based leadership practices, developed together with Dr Harry Bergsteiner. Each practice demonstrably enhances the performance of a firm or team in many ways.  Well known, high performing organisations already apply Sustainable Leadership practices because they pay off, as do many nonprofits, SMEs and government departments.

 During her 3 decades at leading universities, Gayle Avery developed a wealth of experience in designing and delivering executive education courses around the world. Because of her wide-ranging consulting work with large, medium and small businesses, Gayle’s course material is founded in real-life examples.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for all managers wanting a quick introduction to sustainable leadership, whatever their business sector or country of operation.

“The course was very valuable. It made me stop and review my actions and I realised that we can’t continue to do what we’ve always done and expect different results. We need to think more strategically around working as one business, grow culturally and focus on continuous improvement.

I want to implement many of the strategies taught in the course. I can help my team to see the vision and feel the purpose which will in turn be communicated to all.  Applying the learnings together with the team really excites me: driving a new culture, ensuring sustainability, and adopting a long-term focus.”

Lee Hughes, Head of New Zealand at RSEA Safety

Sustainable Leadership practices are proven to create high performance and resilience in your team while adding value to other stakeholders and the planet.

Your benefits

  1. gain deep insight into the complex issues today’s leaders face
  2. see how to generate high performance using Honeybee leadership practices
  3. assess how sustainable your own leadership is
  4. foster sustainable leadership practices in your team.

Structure of the course

5 learning modules + 1 quiz + Certificate of Completion

Supplementary materials to aid understanding

Case studies and activities help you apply the material to your situation

Work at your own pace online

Time required: 8-10 hours

Course content

Module 1. Introduction to leadership and sustainability

Module 2. Leaders who care

Module 3. Comparing Honeybee and Locust leadership

Module 4. Working with Honeybee practices 

Module 5. Purpose and vision pay off 

Module 6. Closing quiz and certificate of completion

Combine great business outcomes with sustainable practices that are good for society and the environment, as well as for investors.

Course fee: $550

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