The Champions Program!

Turn aspire into inspire


Join the Champions of Sustainable Leadership

This cutting edge series of master classes for senior leaders, professionals and their potential successors, takes you to meet executives in organisations that practise Sustainable Leadership.

Our evidence-based framework shows you how these well-known, high performing host organisations apply Sustainable Leadership practices that you can then adapt for your own company, nonprofit, SME or government department.

 The Champions Program! builds on our Institute’s wealth of experience in designing and delivering executive education courses around the world, including 20 years of expertise in running high-level international study tours.

Who should join the Champions Program?

The Champions Program! is designed for managers and professionals seeking to understand best-in-class, sustainable leadership, irrespective of their business sector, size or country of operation.

How does it work?

Just sign up for individual visits. Participant numbers are limited.

What past participants have said:

Matthew Ball, ex-VP Optus Small & Medium Business

“I would recommend this tour to leaders who are looking to make long-term, positive influence in and on their organisation. I would also recommend this to C level executives, looking for ways to impact their business beyond the next reporting cycle and develop an edge that is difficult to replicate without the right knowledge.

I found the program…gave me an enormous amount of perspective and insight into the strategy and operations of organisations that have invested time, resources and energy into developing leadership capability and practices as a source of sustainable competitive advantage that directly effect shareholder wealth in positive ways.”

Nicole Pearce, Clinical Services Operations Manager, NSW Health

“These companies demonstrated successful business achievements gained through a longer-term business focus and by utilising their resources in a more balanced way than the shorter-term business view environment we currently operate in.”

Jackie Choi, ex-ASEAN HR Director, Medtronic

“You learn about best practice in successful organisations, their culture and the people practices that drive innovation, development and sustainability.”

Shehan Silva, Director Finance, Australian Department of Defence

“It was great to see companies focus on sustainable growth and employees.”

Ling Wong, ex-Canon Marketing

“See first hand how these corporations can simultaneously address social and environmental issues and achieve profitability in the long run. They have used these issues to strategically innovate across the board in their business operations.”

See with your own eyes! Sustainable Leadership practices are proven to create high performance and resilience in an organisation while adding value to other stakeholders and the planet. 

Your benefits

1. Gain deep insight into how leading companies address the complex issues they face today.

2. Discuss with executives at world class sustainable enterprises.

3. Make your own leadership system more sustainable.

4. Prior briefing on the best-in-class host company ensures deep-level learning in real time.

5. Network and debrief with other executive participants.

6. Shape the visit by contributing questions to the host briefing reports.

7. Program allows for minimum time out of the office.

8. Blends theory with successful practice.

9. Flexible ongoing learning opportunity as new hosts come on board.

Preparation (one off)

Prior to first visit: Participants complete 2 x 1 hour capsules on Sustainable Leadership. (once only, online, work at your own pace).

Structure of the 8-hour program

1 month prior to the visit, read the ISL-supplied briefing report on the host. (1/2 hour)

3 weeks out: Zoom briefing and adding questions to report (1 hour)

Visit to host premises (3 hours)

Post visit lunch and debrief (1.5 hr)

Reflections on your own organisation (say, 1/2 hour)

Online group debrief (1.5 hours)

Next three visits are to:

Thursday 16 November 2023: Ardex

Thursday X February: RGA

Thursday Y April: Microsoft

Course fee: $2950 incl. GST