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Time for action

Our learning capsules cover a range of evidence-based topics that help leaders and managers achieve high performance while taking care of people and the planet.

Become proficient in many aspects of sustainable leadership and management under the guidance of renowned experts. 

Your presenter for this capsule is Dr Gayle Avery

Honorary professor at Macquarie Business School and Distinguished professor at Woxsen University, Gayle Avery brings a wealth of global teaching experience in designing and delivering executive education for major companies and top tier business schools around the world.

From her wide ranging consulting work with large, medium and small businesses, Dr Gayle’s course material is founded on real-life circumstances and is optimally suited to the needs of managers from different business sectors.

Who is this capsule for?

This capsule is for all those who need arguments who why we should be supporting sustainable practices now. This includes convincing senior executives or politicians about the need for urgent action to stop loss of biodiversity and other forms of harm to the planet.

New managers as well as for more experienced leaders can immediately apply the learnings from this practical capsule.

For the sake of the next generation we must act now.

Ensure business success by helping the planet

Draw on evidence-based arguments for why you and your organisation need to embrace Sustainable Leadership practices. This capsule covers eight imperatives showing us that more care for people and the planet is good for business and aligns with the expectations of many stakeholders.

Here you’ll get a strategic overview of various interest groups and their arguments for acting now to make the world more resilient and sustainable from CEOs and governments,  customers and the next generation of your workforce, to the ecosystem.

Benefits to you

* know how to put your organisation at the forefront of sustainable practices

* inspire your team to implement more sustainable practices

* attract the talent by establishing a shared purpose

* increase your team’s motivation and productivity through sharing a purpose.

This makes excellent business sense while benefiting society and the Earth.

Course details

This capsule consists of

a short video outlining the topic

– an activity to help you learn

supplementary materials to aid understanding

– a quiz to reinforce your learning

How does it work?

Work at your own pace online

Estimated time required: 1 hour

Take the capsules in any order

You have 6 months to complete the course unless otherwise arranged

We are only an email away with any queries

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Help the planet and increase the resilience and performance of your own team.

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