Our learning process


Participants waiting for the hosts to begin

The steps in the learning process, guided by our experienced facilitators, are:

1. Participants complete introductory coursework on Sustainable Leadership to ensure that everyone understands sustainable leadership practices

2. Participants are involved at all stages of the learning process, including using the briefing report that we prepare on each host using our evidence-based sustainable leadership framework.

3. We forward the relevant briefing report and a list of challenging questions from participants to each host organisation

4. Participants are briefed on the assigned host organisation before a visit

5. Senior manager participants meet with senior managers of leading host organisations

6. During the visit, participants explore, question and exchange views openly with the hosts, learning about their successes, failures and challenges, and how they use sustainable leadership practices

7. Visits are debriefed afterwards

8. Everyone is encouraged to reflect on and discuss the learnings, applying them to their own organisations

9. ISL prepares case studies showcasing selected host organisations.