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Changing habits to change culture

Become proficient quickly in multiple aspects of leadership and management under the guidance of our experts.

In this fascinating capsule, you will discover why our habits get in the way of change and what to do about it. Understanding how our brains think, learn, connect, collaborate, empathise, adapt, imagine and communicate will enable you to improve productivity and creativity both at work and at home.

Your presenter for this capsule is Neuroscientist, Dr Mark Williams.

A renowned professor in cognitive neuroscience at top universities in Australia and overseas, Dr Mark features widely in the media including the ABC, SkyNews, SBS, The Guardian, New York Times, The Economist and the New Scientist.

In simple terms, Dr Mark explains the clear, evidence-based relationship between how our brains work and why habits are so hard to break.  Understanding how habits are formed and maintained is crucial to improving not only our own behaviour but also for improving our team’s culture, performance and resilience.

Who should take this capsule?

This learning capsule is perfect for new managers as well as for more experienced leaders wanting to refresh their skills to maximise team and individual performance.

You can start applying the learnings from this practical capsule from day one.

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Changing habits to change culture

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to alter the culture in your workplace? Or even to hack your own individual habits? The intention to change may well be strong, but maintaining that change can become so difficult that many people give up and revert to their old ways.

This is because of the way our brains work. New research shows how habits can be changed by:

making the new habit easier than the old habit, and

eliminating whatever triggers the unwanted behaviour.


Benefits to you

After completing this very practical capsule, you’ll be equipped to

* form better habits

* identify and modify the triggers preventing change

* help family members change their ways

* change the culture in your team

* support team members in their personal development.


Course details

This capsule consists of

a video outlining the topic

an activity to help you learn

Powerpoint slides to aid understanding

a quiz to reinforce your learning.


How does it work?

Work at your own pace online

Estimated time required: 1 hour

You have 6 months to complete the course unless otherwise arranged

We are only an email away with any queries

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