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Yes, the lecture and activity modules are presented in small chunks wherever possible. You can take modules at times that suit you. The (optional) online Live Events are at scheduled times.

A global revolution in rethinking leadership is well underway. The world is moving rapidly towards Sustainable Leadership practices requiring greater ethics and accountability, caring for all stakeholders while fostering innovation, the environment and society. 

Joining now allows you to become an early adopter of this major shift, just as many leading global companies have done.

Yes, courses leading to certification or licensing in Sustainable Leadership have tests.

At the end of most modules, short quizzes allow you to test your knowledge. You can retake these quizzes until you achieve a passing grade. The quizzes are designed to help you learn and take the form of multiple choice and true/false questions.

In the last module of a certification or licensing course, the final test covers all the material in the course. This is the only module in a course that requires you to complete the quiz or other set activity successfully (80% correct) within two attempts. If this doesn’t happen, one of our dedicated community of facilitators will make direct contact with you to help you in meeting the requirements of this module.

You will receive your certificate of completion for a micro course after passing the final quiz with 60% of answers correct.

Our learning capsules conclude with a knowledge quiz.

We understand that sometimes people can’t continue a course for a variety of reasons. As such we offer you a 50% refund if you have visited up to and including Module 2, Lesson 2 in the Foundations in Sustainable Leadership, Senior Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner courses. If you have chosen to progress to the next lesson (Module 2, Lesson 3) no refund will apply.

No refunds are available for the annual membership, nor for the micro courses or capsules because of their short duration.

For study tours and conferences, please see the individual information page.

You cease being a member when your annual membership expires and you choose not to renew.