Licensed Practitioner


We are delighted to have you applying to join the Licensed Practitioner course. Completing the course enables you not only to improve your own organisation’s performance while taking care of the planet and society, but adding Sustainable Leadership to your skillset sets you on a new path as consultant or change agent to help others.

This course builds on the Foundations in Sustainable Leadership course, which ensures that everyone in your class has a similar level of understanding about leadership. This is important for developing your networks in the Sustainable Leadership community and because people learn a great deal from experienced classmates.

This course covers 6 modules:

1. Orientation: explains the course and how to get the most out of it. 

2. Sustainable Leadership advanced: deepens your understanding and practical experience with Honeybee Leadership, which creates and perpetuates sustainable organisations.

3. Leadership paradigms: enables you to assess Honeybee practice #1, that is Leadership Culture, by applying four paradigms: classical, transactional, visionary and organic leadership.

4. Honeybee practices in action: furthers your understanding of why and how the 23 Sustainable Honeybee Practices interact and reinforce one another using practical examples. Five submodules cover: managing for the long term; looking after your people; good governance; working with stakeholders; and creating a sustainable culture.

5. Applying the tools: learn how to apply and interpret results from ISL’s using a case study of your choosing. One free Sustainable Leadership Questionnaire is included in the course fee.

6. Licensing test: After you successfully complete this course you will receive a practitioner’s license in Sustainable Leadership, a virtual badge and access to ISL tools and resources to use while you remain licensed. Find information about our Licensing and Certification Pathway.