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Effective persuasion

Our learning capsules enable you to become proficient in many aspects of leadership and management quickly under the guidance of well-known experts.

This capsule takes you into the surprising world of persuasion. How do you persuade others to do what you want? Being able to persuade others enables you to drive change in your team or organisation towards more sustainable practices.

Your presenter for this capsule is Randal Tame

Rhetoric guru and strategist,

Who should take this capsule?

This applied learning capsule is perfect for new managers along with more experienced leaders wanting to refresh their skills in persuading others.

You can start applying the learnings from this practical capsule from day one.


Leaders need to be persuasive

Being able to persuade others is essential for effective leaders seeking to influence others. In this capsule, Randal Tame uses applied examples to help you hone your persuasion skills step-by-step.

Examine current challenges through the lens of evidence-based persuasion techniques. See how people need to trust you if they are to be persuaded, and why being ethical is central to persuading others. This capsule concludes with a highly practical segment on how to plan a persuasive campaign on a topic relevant to you.

Benefits to you

After completing this very applied capsule, you’ll be equipped to

* better influence others

* develop a 5-step persuasive campaign

* understand the importance of trust and ethics in persuasion

* drive your organisation towards more sustainable practices

* deal with people who are opposed to you.


Course details

This capsule consists of

a video introducing the topic

3 lesson videos

guidelines on becoming a better speaker

a reading to aid understanding

a quiz to reinforce your learning.


How does it work?

Work at your own pace online

Estimated time required: 1 hour

You have 6 months to complete the course unless otherwise arranged

We are only an email away with any queries

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