Sustainable Leadership in Action

Champion Leadership

Our evidence-based Sustainable Leadership practices create high performance while caring for people and the planet.

Experience Sustainable Leadership in action in an immersive mini study tour, visiting champions practising Sustainable Leadership.

About The Institute for Sustainable Leadership
This program builds on our Institute’s wealth of experience in designing and delivering impactful executive international study tours round the world.

Make sense of the leadership practised in host organisations using our evidence-based frameworks and tools.

Who should join this program?
Leaders and change-makers wanting to take their organisation to the next level. If you are a C-Suite executive, Board member, professional or people manager looking to give your organisation a competitive edge with proven Sustainable Leadership practices, then this program is for you.


Hear from past participants

Our new 1-day study tours

Learn from host companies

Each mini tour consists of 8-10 hours of learning including online preparation and detailed briefing, visit to a champion company, followed by lunch and several post-visit debriefings, all accompanied by experts.

Insight: Visit on 17 April, 2024

Ardex: Visit on 2 May, 2024

INSIGHT – Wednesdays 

Meeting 1: Weds 20 March, 6pm, online

Meeting 2: Weds 3 April, 6pm, online

Visit: Weds 17 April, 9am, in person

Post-tour meeting: Weds 24 April, 6pm, online


ARDEX – Thursdays 

Meeting 1: Thurs 4 April, 6pm, online

Meeting 2: Thurs 18 April, 6pm, online

Visit: Thurs 2 May, 9am, in person

Post-tour meeting: Thurs 16 May, 6pm, online


All times Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Going forward
Our team of Advanced Practitioners can help you implement sustainable leadership.

Fee per mini study tour

$2970 (incl. GST)

This fee covers one mini tour.

Sign up for one or more mini tours that interest you.

How can I secure my spot?

Book your spot online here.

Can I bring a colleague?

Yes, the Champion Leadership program is open to all interested in Sustainable Leadership at a senior level. The program fee is payable by all attendees.

Can you run these programs for my company?

Yes, we have decades of global experience in designing programs to suit specific industries, professions or locations.

How do I get to the host for the visit?

Each participant finds their own way to the host venue on the day of the visit. Of course, we will help with directions.

Is lunch included?

Yes, lunch is included (but alcoholic beverages are a personal expense).

How much time is spent away from my workplace?

Apart from individual travel time, only the visit and the debriefing lunch (~4.5 hours) need to be spent away from your workplace. Other sessions are held online, either at set times for group events or otherwise at your own pace.

Why do I have to do online courses?

To enhance the study tour experience, all participants are required to have completed 2 one-hour introductory courses or an equivalent that ISL approves. The first course explains Sustainable “Honeybee” Leadership. The second short course introduces the 23 evidence-based Honeybee Practices that provide the framework for understanding Sustainable Leadership in the host company. Sharing common knowledge prior to the host visit enables discussions to take place at a high level.

Is the cost of the prework extra?

No, the prework courses are included in the mini study tour price.

Do I need to redo the prework for my next tour?

No! You only need to do the prework courses once and not for subsequent tours. However, everyone is required to participate in the online preparation sessions.

Are there any exemptions for the prework?

Yes. You may be exempt if you have already completed some of our other courses, particularly Foundations in Sustainable Leadership or Sustainable Leadership in Brief.

What makes this mini study tour different?

  1. The level of deep learning that occurs using our evidence-based tools.
  2. The quality of the hosts, who are world leaders (champions) in Sustainable Leadership.
  3. The quality of the participants, who are senior executives with an interest in championing Sustainable Leadership.
  4. Participants who are highly informed about the host organisations they visit. (Before the tour, participants meet online to prepare briefing reports and specific questions that are forwarded to the hosts.)
  5. The hosts are also well prepared, having been provided with the briefing reports and the list of questions.
  6. Our unique, systemic approach to leadership.

Why do participant numbers matter?

Tour numbers are limited to maximise the learning and to comply with preferences expressed by previous hosts. Similarly, we set a minimum number of participants required to run a study tour to justify the time and effort that our hosts go to during the visit. As well as to support diversity among the participants.

What is the dress code?

Casual business attire is the norm.

Is the cost of travel to the host included?

No. Travel is not included and is regarded as a personal expense.

Is travel insurance included?

No. Travel insurance is not included in the price and is regarded as a personal expense.

Is hotel accommodation included in the price?

No, hotel accommodation is not included in the price. Please make your own arrangements for hotel accommodation if you require it. Of course, we will help where we can.

Is GST included in the cost?

Yes. 10% GST is included.


Things can happen! The fee will be fully refundable up to one month before the mini study tour visit or if the entire tour is cancelled. You are welcome to send a replacement during the month before the tour if you cannot attend yourself. 

Join us for an online Information Session

When: Feb 28, 2024 7-8 pm    (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne time)

Register for the session and get the link here

Please note that a) circumstances beyond our control may sometimes necessitate changes to dates and hosts; and b) the minimum number required to run a study tour is 10 participants.