Micro course

The Brain and Sustainable Leadership

Explore the brain and behaviour with the help of world-renowned neuroscientist, Dr Mark Williams.

An honorary professor in Cognitive Neuroscience, Mark has worked at top universities in Australia and overseas, including MIT in the US.

Mark’s innovative work has been published in top tier international academic journals. He features widely in the media including the ABC, SkyNews, SBS, The Guardian, New York Times, The Economist and the New Scientist.

Knowing how our brains think, learn, connect, collaborate, empathise, create, imagine, communicate, and work enables leaders and managers to improve team and individual performance and creativity.

Understanding how habits are formed and maintained is crucial to improving organisational culture, and achieving high performance and resilience at a holistic level.

Improve learning and productivity

Dr Mark Williams takes you on a journey into discovering human behaviour, explaining in practical terms how humans can change and develop better habits to improve performance.

Course details

5 learning modules + 1 final quiz module

Supplementary materials to aid understanding

Work at your own pace online

Certificate from the Institute for Sustainable Leadership upon successful completion of final quiz

Q&A live session with Dr. Mark Williams

Estimated time required: 10 hours

5 learning modules

Module 1. What makes us human? Here you look into how we humans are predisposed to behave in certain ways, outlining the roles of memory and sleep, and how we change.

Module 2. Can habits get in the way of change? The role of habits, how they are formed, why they are hard to break, and how to go about changing habits and organisational cultures.

Module 3. Connection is essential for human success. Connecting with others is essential for many important personal and organisational activities, including learning, understanding, and being productive and innovative.

Module 4. The secret of getting and giving attention. Gaining and giving attention is vital to much of our behaviour. Here you learn about how to improve your own, and maintain others’, attention. 

Module 5. Simple ways to improve outcomes in daily life.  This is about the science behind many of our daily activities: writing better emails, offering psychological safety, improving our memories, being more innovative and creative, and learning from original thinkers.

After taking this course, you will have a better understanding of behavioural patterns leading to higher productivity, enhanced innovation and improved communication. You will have the tools to start reversing unwanted habits and be able to focus more on those that align with sustainable leadership.

Course fee: $550

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