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The Honeybee practices

Our learning capsules cover a range of evidence-based topics that help leaders and managers achieve high performance while taking care of people and the planet.

This capsule explains the 23 “Honeybee” leadership practices that create a systemic, organisational leadership system. Honeybee leaders pursue a clear purpose, take a long-term view, operate ethically, and respect all stakeholders, including future generations, society, investors and the biosphere. This contrasts with unsustainable “Locust” practices.

Your presenter is Dr Gayle Avery

Together with Dr Harry Bergsteiner, Dr Gayle Avery pioneered the field of Sustainable Leadership. During her three decades as a university professor, she has taught leadership to executives and top tier business schools around the world, including:

 The China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
Mannheim University
Basel University
Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM)
and Mahidol and NIDA Universities in Thailand.

This wealth of global teaching experience in designing and delivering executive education courses, along with her extensive consulting work with large, medium and small businesses, means that Dr Gayle’s course material is founded on real-life circumstances and is optimally suited to the needs of managers whatever their business sector or country of operation.

Who is this capsule for?

This capsule is for all managers, leaders and practitioners seeking to understand the new field of Sustainable Leadership, which is proven to enhance business, team and individual performance.

You can begin to apply the learnings from this practical capsule from day one.

Honeybee leadership practices explained

This capsule takes you on a deep dive into the sustainable form of leadership, known as the Honeybee approach. Honeybee leadership practices are proven to generate high performance, sustainability and resilience.

Here, Dr Gayle Avery explains each of the 23 evidence-based Honeybee practices using the Sustainable Leadership Grid to contrast them with unsustainable business-as-usual or “Locust” leadership. The philosophy behind Locust leadership is that the purpose of a business is to make quick profits for investors. 

Honeybee leaders see themselves as part of a wider community, and they seek to add value to all stakeholders in an ethical and transparent way over the long term. 

Benefits to you

* Apply the Sustainable Leadership Grid to distinguish Honeybee from Locust leadership practices in your workplace

* Know that each Honeybee leadership practice is proven to outperform Locust behaviour on that practice

* Since each Honeybee practice adds value to the business, you’ll know how to change the leadership of the business

* Be assured that many large and small companies around the world already successfully adopt Honeybee leadership. 

Course details

This capsule consists of

a video outlining the topic

supporting videos from other gurus

an activity to help you learn

Powerpoint slides to aid understanding

a quiz to reinforce your learning 

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